Carmelo Anthony isn't just a beast on the basketball court, he also hones his skills and athleticism in the boxing ring! !

If it's 12 rounds, Go 13! Carmelo discusses how boxing makes him DO:MORE on and off the basketball court. Time in the gym is time working on stamina and focus, skills that elevate his game and push limits.

Sometimes, power comes from a less obvious place. This commercial shows exactly what we mean, by putting the spotlight on an unsung hero in the boxing ring.

Check out Jack's workout w/ Hino Ehikhamenor. Does he have what it takes? Follow @hollywoodhino @jackthriller @thisis50

989 OnDemand and the Style Network's Sharie Manon are teaming up with Hollywood Hino for Get Fit Saturday! Hollywood Hino is a Celebrity Trainer and he's talking to us about what he does to stay fit and why 989 OnDemand is such an important part of that process.